Our English courses will start again in September 2014. Join us and have fun while learning.

An interactive course with entertaining learning techniques by experienced speaking teacher. For the older students, the course is suited to those who like languages or want to strengthen their knowledge and abilities before, for example, a skiing trip or other kind of vacation.

For the younger students, the pupil will get to experience English through songs, music, crafts and games.

Content and goals:

(4-6 years) The children will get to experience English through songs, music, crafts, and games. The children will learn the language through interaction with a varied program. The course's ambition is to motivate and encourage English usage in children at a young age in a playful way.

(5-8 years) As the children gain more knowledge in English the tempo will increase. The activities will motivate and strengthen their abilities. Simple preparation beforehand is one tip to encourage the children to look forward to their next lesson.

(10-13 years) In this course the students will improve their reading and writing abilities as well as listening comprehension and pronunciation skills. The course is led interactively by an experienced teacher and is suited to those students who like languages, or wish to strengthen their knowledge and abilities before, for example, a skiing trip or other vacation. The course program is varied and requires some preparation before each lesson.

Pupils participate without parents.

Vid avbokning

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english_get_started_290no_picRegistration / Anmälan

Course starts 24th/9 & 27th/9

Student name / Elevens förnamn
Student surname / Elevens efternamn
Date of birth YYMMDD / Födelsedatum ÅÅMMDD
Parent name / Förälders förnamn
Parent surnam / Förälders efternamn
Address / Gatuadress
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What level does the student have?
Vilken är elevens engelska nivå?
Beginner/ Nybörjare Some knowledge Enklare språk Advanced/ Avancerad
FREE TRIAL LESSON at Östermalm or Södermalm
Östermalm Saturday 13th/9
(4 - 6 year) Saturday 13/9 at 10:00.     FULL
(10 - 13 year) Saturday 13/9 at 10:00.    FULL
(7 - 9 year) Saturday 13/9 at 10:50.    FULL

Södermalm Wednesday 10th/9

(4 - 6 year) Wednesday 10/9 at 16:30    FULL
(10 - 13 year) Wednesday 10/9 at 17:20    FULL
(7 - 9 year) Wednesday 10/9 at 16:45

Begränsade antal platser.Vid utebliven närvaro debiteras 150 kr. Sista anmälningsdag 3 dagar innan. Vid fullbetald kursavgift ingår provlektion.For more info Trial lesson
Limited number of places. Non-attendance of the course will be charged SEK 150 and last registration date is 3 days before the lesson. Trial lesson is included when paying the course.